Coding for Connection
We are thrilled to be part of the Technovation team and cannot wait to make a difference in our community! Our mission is to expand educational resources and address educational inequities in the city of Chicago through a connective tutoring app. We are so grateful to be part of this experience and are eager to share and exchange ideas with other participants. Happy coding!
Ages 21
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TakeOff is a mobile application that provides free virtual tutoring services for Chicago high school students from disadvantaged educational backgrounds. The base of TakeOff volunteer tutors comes from Chicago high school and collegiate communities eager to volunteer. Tutor and student users input their tutoring preferences, including subject area, level, and mode of tutoring communication. Students can then browse the list of tutor profiles that match their preferences. Students can contact tutors through in-app messaging to initialize communication. Students can use the app for on-demand, informal tutoring arrangements or for established partnerships. TakeOff realizes accessible education for all.

Sustainable Development Goal


TakeOff champions the ideals of the education development goal by providing a free, virtual tutoring service for disadvantaged Chicago high school students. The aim of such a service is to combat educational inequity through expanding access to quality educational resources like tutoring.

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App Inventor 2
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